Year 6

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Welcome to my class, to Year 6 – in this, the final year of your child’s primary school experience.

Year 6 is a pivotal time for the children in our class; it will be the year that they continue to grow, mature, take part in SATs and prepare for transition to secondary school.

We aim for this year to be challenging- in order for all our pupils to achieve their very best academically and socially for the end of Year 6 tests, but also for them to be fun, enjoyable and rewarding; enabling them to become kind, confident, resilient and well-rounded individuals.

As the pupils have already completed three years in Key Stage 2, they are fully aware of our school’s expectations about appropriate behaviour, standards and attitudes. The target for this final year is to learn greater independence and personal responsibility for both actions and personal belongings, in preparation for their journey to the next stage of their education.

In September, as well as School Councillors and Mini Vinnies, Subject Leads (Fun-sized Subject Leaders) are selected and these prestigious roles take into account the pupil voice and then help us to lead our school.

We have topics which involve pupils in their own learning through many exciting activities and learning opportunities.

Each morning, we focus on English and Mathematics with Assemblies, Collective Worships, Music and Swimming featuring within the morning schedule of the week.

Year 6 pupils do Mighty Maths once a week in ability grouped teams.

Our afternoon topic work focuses on other aspects of the curriculum, extending our learning through art and design projects; a variety of science investigations; finding out about the world through aspects of history, geography and RE, and in keeping healthy through being active in PE.

We aim to have an educational visit, or a visitor into school, to support our topics, as well as having special themed days throughout the year.

We encourage our children to be strong readers and writers and will encourage them to expand their knowledge in many further areas of the wider curriculum. Therefore, for homework, there is an expectation that Year 6 pupils will read independently, every day, for about 15-20 minutes, and that they will learn the Spellings from the National Curriculum word lists which are sent home weekly, and on which the pupils are tested weekly and half termly.

Time will be allocated each day in the classroom for silent reading and spelling. Additionally, they may be given Maths homework to consolidate their learning in class, English, or be asked to do a project, or research, to support their topic work.

Welcome to the delights that Year 6 will hold- I look forward to working closely with all the families and children of Year 6.  We will aim to work in partnership with you, enabling all parties to share in our learning experiences.

Teacher: Mrs M-A Kaushiva

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Box

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Broszko

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Mrs Kaushiva