At St. Joseph’s we aim for all our pupils to develop their scientific knowledge and understanding through scientific enquiry and to foster an appreciation of the fact that Science is an integral part of our everyday lives. We aim to make Science as practical as possible, linking it to real life contexts and giving meaning to our learning. We believe this encourages children to ask questions about the world around them and develops their problem solving abilities alongside science specific knowledge and skills.

We aim to ensure that teaching and learning in Science results in children deepening their understanding of scientific concepts, developing the ability to use a range of equipment and resources to carry out their own enquiries and being able to use appropriate scientific vocabulary to talk about their learning.

For a number of years, St. Joseph’s has taken part in ‘Science Week’ in the Spring Term which promotes scientific thinking and allows pupils to develop their curiosity for the subject.

Below you will find the whole school subject overview and progression framework for this area of the curriculum:

Science Progression of Skills

Science Progression Framework

Science Overview

Earth, Sun & Moon, Year 5

Rocks Investigation, Year 3