Our School attendance target is 97%

At St Joseph’s, we believe that high levels of attendance and a punctual start to the school day are important for all children.

Promoting excellent attendance is the responsibility of the whole school community: staff, pupils, parents, carers and governors.

The academy consistently promotes excellent attendance through its high expectations in pupil behaviour, attitudes towards learning and through the stimulating curriculum. All children should be at school on time, every day the academy is open, unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.

We aim to ensure that every pupil has access to the full time education to which they are entitled and as a result ‘strive to be they best they can be’.

Occasionally your child may be reluctant to attend school, we encourage parents to discuss any concerns they have with the class teacher in the first instance.

Any problems that arise with attendance are best resolved between the school, the parents/carers and the child.

Mrs Velayudhan Tomlin and Mrs Clements are always happy to meet with you to talk through any concerns or questions you may have.

Please read our Attendance and Punctuality Policy for more information.

Trust Attendance Policy 2023

Absence request form for parents and carers