Our School

School Organisation

Please note;

*Some roles are shared between two staff members; for example, two teaching assistants may fulfil the role of one teaching assistant, with one working mornings and one working afternoons.)

** Where staff have two roles, they have been listed in their substantive role.


Mrs Velayudhan Tomlin

Assistant Headteachers

Mrs E Everett

Mr B Sandbach

Administration Officers

Mrs F Robinson

Mrs S Broughan

Learning Mentor

Mrs J Clements

Foundation Stage

Mrs J McHale (Lower Foundation Stage Teacher)

Mrs J Grace(Upper Foundation Stage Teacher and co-ordinator)

Mrs N Birch (Lower Foundation Stage Teacher)

Miss G Rotherforth (Nursery Nurse)

Mrs B Mace (Nursery Nurse)

Mrs I Conboy TA/HLTA

Year 1

Mrs C Riley (Class Teacher)

Mrs J Radwell (Class Teacher)

Year 2

Mrs A Smith (Class Teacher)

Year 3

Mr A Jones (Class Teacher)

Year 4

Mrs M Kaushiva (Class Teacher)

Year 5

Mrs E Everett (Class Teacher)

Year 6

Mr B Sandbach(Class Teacher)

Support Staff

Mrs T Imeson TA

Mrs G Abbott TA

Mrs S Bickerton TA/HLTA

Mrs L Drage TA


Mrs L Dean TA

Mrs A Beetham TA

Mrs C Wilson TA

Mrs S Taylor TA

Mrs A Broszko TA

School Business Manager

Mrs N Aslam

Caretaking Staff


Mrs C Beasley

Mrs A Bunting

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs E O’Donnell

Mrs R Dela Luna

Mrs L Drage

Mrs L Ross

Mrs C Murgatroyd

Mrs A Bunting

Mrs C Beasley

Breakfast Club

Mrs S Broughan

Mrs L Drage

Mrs C Wilson

Mrs C Beasley

Kitchen Staff (Dolce)

Mrs J Goodwin

Mrs C Beverage

Mr P Ashley